About Us
שחרות About Us

About Us

Shacharut Association develops and operates a variety of programs to promote the community awareness in the city. 
The programs development is through the combination of community perception with educational - professional relevant approach to each audience and action (perception of pedagogy ecological informal education, perception of work with young people, Sustainability etc.) plans appeal to all residents of Yokneam, from infants and families through elementary age children, young people and families.
We continue to develop programs and new areas based on the needs of the community and invite community activists to use the organization as a platform to expand the activity in town
The organization employs a team of approximately 30 people from the education and community fields, most of them are residents of the city.
Shacharut Association was established in 2006 by the community of Shachar, a group of young people who live as a community in Yokneam Illit.

      • Increasing mutual responsibility of the residents and institutions toward the community.
      • Reducing social disparities, particularly disparities regarding to education and culture.
      • Creating an opportunity for personal, professional and social development of our employees and activists for the sake of realization of our social vision.
      • Create partnerships with other organizations, and Cooperative communities, local and national, to promote the vision of the organization at the national level

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